OCAMS Imaging Footprint During Matchpoint Rehearsal

The series of images on the left was captured by the OSIRIS-REx Camera Suite (OCAMS) during the mission’s second rehearsal of the sample collection event on Aug. 11. The graphic on the right illustrates the footprint of the images collected by both the MapCam and SamCam imagers, and shows where the images were taken in relation to sample site Nightingale. Matchpoint rehearsal brought the spacecraft through the first three maneuvers of the sampling sequence to a point approximately 131 feet (40 meters) above the surface, after which the spacecraft performed a back-away burn.

Approximately 7 minutes before executing the second maneuver, known as the Checkpoint burn, OCAMS began capturing images with the MapCam camera. The blue boxes in the beginning of the series (right) illustrate the region where MapCam captured its first set of images, with the last image in the set taken seconds before initiating the Checkpoint burn.

Immediately before performing the Checkpoint maneuver, the SamCam imager began collecting images. As the spacecraft approached the sample site, the SamCam imager captured images of Nightingale’s region, as well as the spacecraft’s sampling arm, over a 13.5-minute. The large, red boxes in the middle of the series (right) illustrate the region where SamCam performed its imaging sequence.

Approximately 3 minutes after executing the third maneuver, known as the Matchpoint burn, MapCam began collecting its second set of images. This imaging sequence shows the spacecraft’s closest approach – with the nearest image taken approximately 135 feet (41 meters) from the asteroid’s surface – as well as the spacecraft’s back-away maneuver. The small, blue boxes at the end of the series (right) illustrate the region where MapCam captured its second set of images.

For reference, the orange circle shows where sample site Nightingale is located within the frame.

Date Taken: August 11, 2020

Instrument Used: OCAMS

Credit: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona


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