Sep 24, 2018

As of today, OSIRIS-REx is approximately 480,000 km from Bennu and is 6 days from executing Asteroid Approach Maneuver 1 (AAM-1) on Oct. 1. AAM-1 is the first of four major maneuvers that will slow the spacecraft’s velocity on its final approach to Bennu. The spacecraft is currently flying at approximately 490 m/s (~1,100 mph), and AAM-1 will slow the spacecraft’s rate of approach to Bennu by 350 m/s (~780 mph) to 140 m/s (~310 mph).

This last week, the mission’s navigation team delivered the preliminary designs for AAM-1, and the final design will be completed and radiated to the spacecraft in the upcoming week.

Media Contact

Erin Morton
OSIRIS-REx Communications