Mar 15, 2021

OSIRIS-REx continues operating in the Post-TAG Observation phase, as the spacecraft journeys back to Bennu for the Apr. 7 final flyover. On Mar. 6, the spacecraft successfully executed the second propulsive maneuver of 34 cm/s to adjust course as OSIRIS-REx approaches the asteroid. The next maneuver is scheduled for Mar. 20. Subsequently, OSIRIS-REx will execute two final maneuvers, which will place the spacecraft on the precise trajectory for the final flyby at about 12:30pm Local Solar Time. During this flyby, the OSIRIS-REx instrument suite will make observations of Bennu spanning the entire global surface. The science team will use these observations to assess the amount and nature of surface disruption from the sample collection event. As of Mar. 12, the spacecraft was about 155 km from Bennu and approaching the asteroid at about 24.6 cm/s. It is notable that this flyby trajectory was designed such that the failure of any maneuver would leave the spacecraft on a safe path clear of Bennu.

Media Contact

Erin Morton
OSIRIS-REx Communications