Flat Boulder Near Site Osprey

This image shows a relatively flat boulder near backup sample site Osprey on asteroid Bennu. The boulder’s surface is covered with rocks that are small enough to be collected by the spacecraft’s sampling mechanism. The Osprey site itself is located northeast of this region (outside of the image frame). The image was taken by the PolyCam camera on NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft on May 26, from a distance of 0.2 miles (0.3 km). The field of view is 12 ft (3.8 m). For reference, the bright rock below the tip of the boulder is 1 ft (0.3 m) across, which is about the size of a loaf of bread. The image was obtained during the mission’s Reconnaissance C phase. When it was taken, the spacecraft was over the northern hemisphere, pointing PolyCam slightly south.

Date Taken: May 26, 2020

Instrument Used: OCAMS (PolyCam)

Credit: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona


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