OSIRIS-REx Ambassadors

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What is an OSIRIS-REx Ambassador?

An OSIRIS-REx ambassador is an individual trained to represent NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission to the public. The OSIRIS-REx Ambassadors Program is a volunteer program, which engages mission representatives with the public in informal venues such as science museums, community events, and mission activities. The purpose of the program is to provide trained, knowledgeable, and skilled volunteers for community engagement activities. Ambassadors communicate the excitement of the OSIRIS-REx mission. They provide information about NASA, University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, which leads the mission, Goddard Space Flight Center, Lockheed Martin, and instrument partners.

The program provides volunteer opportunities for

  • Community members to participate in the mission,
  • Students (of all ages!) to enhance their knowledge and skills, and
  • OSIRIS-REx scientists, engineers, managers, and technicians to share their mission stories.

What does OSIRIS-REx provide for Ambassadors?

The program not only helps the OSIRIS-REx mission engage students and the public with the mission and Solar System exploration, but provides ambassadors with training in public engagement and mission content, access to “breaking news” about the mission, and interaction with team members and activities. Ambassadors can work in public venues or helping behind the scenes.

This ambassador program is modeled on and teams with other volunteer programs including NASA’s Solar System Ambassadors and local efforts for even more opportunities.

How can you become an OSIRIS-REx Ambassador?

The program has online and local sessions throughout the year. Contact OSIRIS-REx to sign up and get started as an ambassador!

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