We The Explorers

Send Your Artwork on a Journey to the Stars

Thank you for your interest in #WeTheExplorers. Submissions are closed.

We are all explorers in our own way. Whether it’s an expedition to a distant asteroid, meticulous research revealing the inner workings of a tiny cell, or the creation of a moving song or poem, exploration is the essence of our human spirit.

As we prepare for launch, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx team invites you to ponder the big questions with us:

  • What does it mean to be an explorer like OSIRIS-REx?
  • What might this mission teach us about ourselves and our universe?
  • How are we as a people stretched and deepened by explorations beyond our Earthly home?

Then, share your reflections with us—and with the universe—in a creative work that will ride aboard the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft on its journey to the asteroid Bennu.

WeTheExplorers NASAgov OREx


You. All ages and skill levels are welcome, but minors (under 18) must have permission of a parent or guardian to participate.


Your submission may take the form of a sketch, photograph, graphic, poem, song, short video or other creative or artistic expression.


Submissions will fly aboard the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft on its journey to the asteroid Bennu this fall. (By submitting your work, you give us permission to download it and include it on the drive being sent to space.)


The deadline for submissions is Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 11:59 pm PDT or when capacity of the drive that will carry submissions to space is reached, whichever occurs first. Your submission must be posted—and correctly tagged—before this deadline and must remain accessible on the platform until at least April 30, 2016.


Share your contribution by tagging us on Twitter (@OSIRISREx) or Instagram (@OSIRIS_REX) and including the hashtag #WeTheExplorers. Please ensure the settings on your account allow your submission to be viewed without a password.

Videos may be submitted by direct upload to Twitter or Instagram or by including a link to your YouTube or Vimeo video in a correctly tagged tweet. Video submissions are limited to 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length. If your video is hosted on Vimeo, please ensure you check the box allowing it to be downloaded.

Need inspiration?

Learn more about the mission and its two stars: the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx and the asteroid Bennu.