Bennu’s Journey

Recently, astronomers have found hundreds of planets circling far-away suns. Do they harbor life? Does humanity have neighbors who, like us, gaze at the heavens wondering if they are alone? Now, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission is set to add one more piece to this important puzzle.

How did life begin on Earth? Were the molecules essential to life — organics and water — present when Earth was formed? Or were they delivered afterwards in a furious bombardment?
Where will we look to find answers?


To understand origin of life on Earth, NASA will visit an artifact from the ancient solar system: asteroid Bennu. Scientists tell us that asteroid Bennu has been a silent witness to titanic events in the solar system’s 4.6 billion year history. To unlock Bennu’s secrets, they are planning to send a spacecraft called OSIRIS-REx to visit the asteroid and retrieve a sample. When it returns in 2023 with its precious cargo, OSIRIS-REx will help to break that silence and retrace Bennu’s Journey.

To download movie posters, still frames, and other media from Bennu’s Journey click here. To download the movie itself, visit the NASA Goddard Conceptual Image Lab  site.

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